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Re: RC: western type fenders

>>Do you have a phone no. or e-mail address for the Big Horn Co.?  

Big Horn Saddlery:  (423)  867-9901

There's another saddlery right down the road from them that runs cheaper,
you might try them, 

American Saddlery (423) 867-9589

Their endurance saddle is an exact copy of the Big Horn, but a little
lower in cost and quality.  Neither sells directly to the public.  You
have to have a tax number.  You might be able to get your feed store to
order for you. 

 I'm going today to buy new fenders/leathers for one saddle, and to pick
up one with new leathers so maybe I'll know prices in a day or so.  I
have a local man who works there repair saddles for me.  I always have
them put the nylon "leathers" back on instead of the leather ones. 
They're too wide and stiff.  I also have him shorten the fenders
(leather) because they make it put too much pressure on the ankle if
you're short.


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