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Re: Sport Saddle tips

>Lynne -
>I really enjoyed your post with tips for the Sport Saddle.  Where did you
>get the 3/4", 30" long dog collars?  I recently purchased some 2" biothane
>leathers from Sportack.  After 6 rides the biothane is rubbed off at the
>ring and these suckers cost $60 a pair.   Fortunately, the folks at
>Sportack, where I purchased the leathers, are letting me return them and
>giving me a refund.  Janeen said the company recently changed the ring
>design from square to round which causes the problem.  Anyway the dog collar
>thing sparked my interest.
>> For stirrup leathers, I use 3/4" dog collars, 30" long, which work
>> *great*--the buckle is on the away side, stays down at the bottom similar
>> to a properly rigged OF leather.  I use Easy Ride's new plastic stirrups,
>> with a 3/4" spacer.  previously I used 2" biothane leathers, but the
>> stirrup bar is a ring, and the 2" is too wide, resulting in delamination
>> the biothane at the ring unless you duct tape it or something, which also
>> makes for bulk under the leg--yuck.
>Linda Hedgpeth
>Greenfield, CA

Hi, Linda-

I bought the 30" 3/4" wide dog collars at Petsmart!  As mainstream as it
gets.  They were around $12 apiece, I think.  They had nice keepers on
them, too, close to the buckle so that the excess doesn't flop around.

Janeen's service is great.  I take care to buy the majority of awards for
my ride from endurance tack vendors, mostly to support the folks who
support us all year long, but also to give people things they can use! :-)
It's a rare thing to wander into a tack store and find stuff that's useful
for us, compared to our catalog vendors, and those who market to us at
endurance rides.  Speaking of which, Trail's End, Just for Horsin' Round,
and Cindy Crook Sewing will be at Norco for your shopping pleasure.


Ontario, CA
Norco Riverdance Ride (PS) 9/4/99
and Rem-member Me, Celesteele

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