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Sport Saddle tips

Lynne -

I really enjoyed your post with tips for the Sport Saddle.  Where did you
get the 3/4", 30" long dog collars?  I recently purchased some 2" biothane
leathers from Sportack.  After 6 rides the biothane is rubbed off at the
ring and these suckers cost $60 a pair.   Fortunately, the folks at
Sportack, where I purchased the leathers, are letting me return them and
giving me a refund.  Janeen said the company recently changed the ring
design from square to round which causes the problem.  Anyway the dog collar
thing sparked my interest.

> For stirrup leathers, I use 3/4" dog collars, 30" long, which work
> *great*--the buckle is on the away side, stays down at the bottom similar
> to a properly rigged OF leather.  I use Easy Ride's new plastic stirrups,
> with a 3/4" spacer.  previously I used 2" biothane leathers, but the
> stirrup bar is a ring, and the 2" is too wide, resulting in delamination
> the biothane at the ring unless you duct tape it or something, which also
> makes for bulk under the leg--yuck.

Linda Hedgpeth
Greenfield, CA

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