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Tryed to send privatley but would not go through so am sending to the list.  It has been many years since I have read anything about SIDS but at that time there was no cure and all folas born with it died, usually within a few months of birth.. It was believed to be passed on through genetics and chacne of it showing up are anywhere between 1 and 4 to 100% depending on weather or not both parentws were carriers.  Most reputable breeders will not breed a horse that is a carrier.  There may have been advancements in the management os SIDS in the last few years but  if there
was I am not aware of them.. I beleave   Washington State University was vry involved in SIDS reaserch and they may be a good source of information .  It is my understanding SIDS us an immune desease not unlike AIDS except that is is not passable to other animals except through genetics.  I would advise your friend not to get involved with a foal born with this terrible malady as only heartbreak and suffering will be the outcome.
Corky Young
Foresthill, CA wrote:

> Lucie Hancock
> I have a friend who has fallen in love with a filly that has been diagnosed with SIDS. Does anyone know what the prognosis is for a foal that has this disease? I advised her to question the attnding veterinarian before considering the idea of purchasing this filly. She's a softy for a sweet baby and has already owned a horse with a pre-diagnosed condition. She wants a horse she can eventually ride. Knowing her, I want to be able to give her some facts. I am a memeber of ridecamp at my home computer. I am staying with my parents this week. Please e-mail me privately at
> Thank you very much.
> Lucie Hancock from South Carolina, currently visiting San Diego, CA,
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