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Re: RC: Wanted: Mare - Sou Cal

I don't know if your friend (or anyone else on the list) is interested in
horses in Kansas, but I spoke with a friend of mine earlier this week and
she is selling her horses.  She is suffering from terminal breast cancer
and is looking to "place" her horses with suitable people or families. 
Her horses are bred for endurance and all have impeccable legs.  They are
line-bred Gulastra horses.  One of them, Benni is a very pretty, broke to
ride, mare (around 13, I think) and Elizabeth wants $2500 for her. 
Another that I would buy if I could is a gorgeous 11 year old chestnut
mare with such perfect legs I could hardly believe it.  She's a broodmare
and produced a lovely baby last year.  Elizabeth wants $5000 for her.

Let me know if you know anyone who's interested.


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