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Wanted: Mare - Sou Cal

A friend of mine is looking for another arab.  Her mare had to be put down 
about a week ago.  They are still waiting for the autopsy report to find out 
what it was.

Anyhow... she is looking for a mare, 4-10 years old, greenbroke to broke, 15 
hands or taller.  Of the classic grey, bay and chestnut colors.... she likes 
bay best.  She did not mention a price preference.  I am sure she would 
consider all reasonably priced horses (reasonable:  age, training, 
personality, health, conformation etc. factors).

Only horses with clean legs, good athletic conformation and good temperaments 
need "apply."  Horse will be primarily for trail and maybe some light/casual 
endurance riding.

Please email me and I will forward them on to her.  She is located in 
Pasadena/Burbank area of Southern California.


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