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Lynn Kinsky in hospital

Sallijan Snyder
I'm forwarding this from the Peruvian Paso list as Lionell isn't
likely to think of sending it to Ridecamp.  I'll try to send any
major updates, or you can contact Lionell directly.

-Sallijan in San Jose

Subject:  Lynn in hospital
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 06:49:33 -0700
From:  Lionell Griffith <>

Some bad news.  Lynn (Kinsky) is in the hospital.  She had a stroke
yesterday morning.  They say its a "small" one.  It affects the feeling and
fine motor coordination on her left side.  The doctors are continuing to
poke and prod to determine the extent of the damage and what can be done
about it.  I will let you all know when I know more.

She wants me to make sure you know about the PPHRNA's Horse Improvement
Program web site.  Its complete except for the forms for tests 3, 4, and 5
and a little more "polishing."  Take a look at:  Since I am the webmaster on it, let
me know if it all makes sense to you or what could be made more clear.

Lionell K. Griffith
Web page -

SAL SAYS:  And here's an update from yesterday.  "Estimate"
refers to a question asked as to how long she will be in
the hospital.

Subject:  Re: Lynn
Date:  Wed, 07 Jul 1999 19:37:12 -0700
From:  Lionell Griffith <>

Unfortunately, there is no estimate yet.  Physical therapy started today
and she made it her goal to get back on a horse and RIDE!  She will make
it.  When is only a matter of time.

The hospital has gotten several requests for internet access - many from
Lynn.  They don't yet have it.  I suspect they will have to join the 21'st
century with the rest of us.

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