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cardinal rule - shoeing

When you break a cardinal rule in riding, you may truly regret it.  The cardinal rule to which I am referring is to shoe your horse with enough time for the horse to acclimate to the new shoe.  As a corollary to that, radical changes should not be made to the hoof angle or shoe directly before a ride.  Why, I ask myself, why did I break the rule?  A $45 shoeing job done on the Wednesday evening before my filly's second ride in two years turned into a $250 debacle.  Of course China came up severely lame after the first loop.  Of course the vet was concerned that it could be a navicular problem. And of course we had to trailer down to Dr. Foss's clinic at Hood River, Oregon, carrying not only my stiff-legged unhappy filly, but a very very sick horse who needed intravenous and stomach pumping at camp, in addition to whatever work Dr. Foss had to do at the clinic. 
The good news is that both China and Classy are fine.  If I had pushed my regular farrier a little harder (well, he did break his leg bullriding several weeks before my ride) to get out to my place and get China shod, perhaps the episode could have been avoided.  But, stubbornly foolish and eager to ride, ignoring all the inner voices about not riding her with new shoes, let alone shoes a size smaller and a hoof angle changed at least 3 degrees by a different farrier, I saddled her up and off we went. 
I do know from the trail we were able to cover that she is good with water, and at going over obstacles.  Before her feet caught up with her at the vet check, she performed quite satisfactorily for a slightly spooky six year old.  Next time, she will have everything the way it should be.  I must listen to that wise inner voice intoning the cardinal rules...and saying "Don't do it!"  It could have been worse.  
Thank goodness, too, that the folks at the clinic were so accomodating, and that my driving partner was willing to take me and my horse and the sick horse down to the clinic.

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