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Prayers are with you

Vinny, No rider here wants that sort of thing to happen to their horse. So I
am sure as soon as someone saw your post that the prayers started to fly up.
The power of prayer can do many things. All we can say is hang in there
Bucky and Vinny. All we can do is send a little energy from our computers or
phonelines to help all ya'll hang in there. I send this via ridecamp for all
to see. It may be politicaly incorrect to do this publicly now but I am a
shout it from the rooftops kinda person. HANG IN THERE maybe all we can say
for now but we hope and pray to see Bucky frolicking in a green pasture very
soon. Keep us updated we all like to have something ot worry about here 8o)

Carla (It is to darn early in the morning) and
Baru (Mooooooommmm i am hungry again!!!!)

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