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Re: heat hints

I haven't tried "Cookie's CoolCap" but tried another frozen gel pack which
was actually larger than Cookie's .  It felt wonderful for a short time but
warmed up too quickly to be of any real benefit on a ride.  I can see how it
would be OK for a short arena ride however.
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From: Jonni <>
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Date: Monday, July 05, 1999 5:13 PM
Subject: RC: heat hints

>This looks like it would be a good time to share more heat hints. I'm sure
>this has been covered in the past. I'll start.........
>I ride with a lightweight T-Shirt, or tank top, with a white long sleeved
>cotton shirt over it. The shirt keeps the sun from beating down on my
>exposed skin. I flip the collar up, and it protects my neck from sun burn.
>Best part is, I can take it off at water, dunk it, and put it back on.
>cool me down.
>I also put water on my riding tights. They stay cool for awhile after they
>look dry.
>I do training rides in some heat, to better prepare for the upcoming rides.
>Try out new foods, drinks, whatever on those training rides. See what works
>to keep you hydrated and feeling good.
>If your horse is not drinking well, get water on him. I carry a scoop, and
>toss water on. Don't toss water on as they start to drink. it will often
>keep some from drinking. Wait until they are done. Be sure there is enough
>water to use ON the horse. If water is trucked in, and only one trough, and
>only enough for drinking, please respect those that are behind you, and
>leave them some water. Also do not dirty the drinking water with your
>Wet your head, dunk your helmet etc. Has anyone used the "Cookies Cool
>Any opinions??
>Drink water! if you do not have to pee, you are not drinking enough!
>If you stop to water your horse, and dismount, feel under you saddle, how
>much heat is building up. I can loosen my girth, and lift the back of the
>saddle to let some heat out. Only takes a moment to let some air in before
>heading down the trail again.
>Use caution with foam pads etc. I blistered my horses back with a Neoprene
>saddle years ago. Heat could not escape.
>I carry 2 water bottles on the front of the saddle, and have a hip pack
>water bottles. Have a bottle or two that is for squirting on the horse as
>you ride. They can be filled with any water, and used later on down the
>trail. (label them so you do not forget which one is drinking water, and
>which one is not) a little water on a trotting horses neck really does
>Anyone else have suggestions on what has helped keep the horse and
>themselves cool on a hot ride?
>Jonni in hot So. Cal. but not much humidity, so not complaining!
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