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heat hints

This looks like it would be a good time to share more heat hints. I'm sure
this has been covered in the past. I'll start.........

I ride with a lightweight T-Shirt, or tank top, with a white long sleeved
cotton shirt over it. The shirt keeps the sun from beating down on my
exposed skin. I flip the collar up, and it protects my neck from sun burn.
Best part is, I can take it off at water, dunk it, and put it back on. Helps
cool me down.

I also put water on my riding tights. They stay cool for awhile after they
look dry.

I do training rides in some heat, to better prepare for the upcoming rides.

Try out new foods, drinks, whatever on those training rides. See what works
to keep you hydrated and feeling good.

If your horse is not drinking well, get water on him. I carry a scoop, and
toss water on. Don't toss water on as they start to drink. it will often
keep some from drinking. Wait until they are done. Be sure there is enough
water to use ON the horse. If water is trucked in, and only one trough, and
only enough for drinking, please respect those that are behind you, and
leave them some water. Also do not dirty the drinking water with your

Wet your head, dunk your helmet etc. Has anyone used the "Cookies Cool Cap"?
Any opinions??

Drink water! if you do not have to pee, you are not drinking enough!

If you stop to water your horse, and dismount, feel under you saddle, how
much heat is building up. I can loosen my girth, and lift the back of the
saddle to let some heat out. Only takes a moment to let some air in before
heading down the trail again.

Use caution with foam pads etc. I blistered my horses back with a Neoprene
saddle years ago. Heat could not escape.

I carry 2 water bottles on the front of the saddle, and have a hip pack with
water bottles. Have a bottle or two that is for squirting on the horse as
you ride. They can be filled with any water, and used later on down the
trail. (label them so you do not forget which one is drinking water, and
which one is not) a little water on a trotting horses neck really does help.

Anyone else have suggestions on what has helped keep the horse and
themselves cool on a hot ride?

Jonni in hot So. Cal. but not much humidity, so not complaining!

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