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Citrus eating varmints!

Hi ,
I was wondering if any one over there would have any idea why my horses
have all of a sudden taken to devouring the foliage from my orange and
grapefruit trees.   They started last week, and have attacked the trees
with such a vengeance that they are just about defoliated!!  Would there be
some kind of deficiency that they are trying to tell me that they have, and
do you think that there may be something harmful in the leaves???   I have
not sprayed them with any chemicals or anything, they only attack the
leaves and small twigs, they just leave the half ripened fruit on the
ground and stomp it.  They are out in the paddocks all day, get hay and
mixed feed at night which they spend in the orchard -which also has lots of
lovely grass that they seem to be ignoring!

Nony Storer
in Aust  (where its winter, and real COLD!!)

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