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Re: heat hints

Hello List -

In this absolutely horrid Western New York humidity

I also do the wet T-shirt over tank top thing, sometimes just the tank top
(lots of sunscreen). I have a full seatcover, so this summer, I have taken
to wearing shorts occasionally. I wear cotton Reebok sneakers, no socks -
feet dry faster and stay cooler this way when you're in and out of the
creek, my stirrups are caged.

Bobby wears a rope halter & rein w/ a lightweight "drag line", his SS, his
double sided sheepskin pad (for inserts, I bought a nice thick waffle-weave
western pad, brought it home and promptly cut it up to fit, works most
excellantly). The girth is an elastic pure wool lined (I am working on
making one w/ this waffle-weave and sheepskin lining, I will let everyone
know how it turns out). Breastcollar and crupper dependant on type of trail.
He is barefoot.

For water, I carry four bottles, two start out frozen solid, and one is
Pepsi (gotta have it). Also, the Camelback is wonderful, I have both a
backpack, and a fanny pack. For food, I carry a couple Power Bars, carrot
pieces, raisins and one pound of grain. Bobby is not a great creek drinker,
he's more of a bottle baby! In the cantle pack go the requisite first aid
supplies, a small bottle of fly spray (politically correct water-base, I use
it on me, too), a small bottle of water (to mist from the saddle), sunscreen
(for both of us), and one of those Rubbermaid sponges that looks like a
washcloth (great to wipe your face with on a break). I carry a small crop
for shooing away flies. In the fanny pack, I carry a few first aid supplies
for myself, Power Bars and my cell phone (works well in the ravine).

My horses are not on daytime turnout, they stay indoors as I have no shade
for them and the flies are relentless. Before we leave the barn, Bobby is
soaked right down w/ water, and his ID tag is banded into his mane (my
saddle is tagged, too). Around my neck I wear my ID, a compass & whistle). I
always leave a note stating which route, our time out & our ETA. On
weekends, we leave slighly before sunrise.

We take more frequent breaks in this type of weather, our pace is much more
relaxed, we make use of the shade. I loosen or remove the saddle. On our
lunch break, I sponge his back and girth w/ the bottled water (not creek
water, unless it's pretty fast-flowing). He pretty much gets a complete bath
(me, too). Fly spray around his ears and neck & shoulders (I spray him from
the saddle). Spray at a walk or standstill, or it ends up in your face! I
spray a small sponge and then reach foreward to wipe his forehead, around
eyes, cheeks. He's sooo good about this, he knows the spray and crop means
no more flies (for a little while).
I put my bottled water on his neck and shoulders, also (usually still pretty
cool yet).

Coming home, I always walk in the last mile to two miles. The only time I
stay mounted is in rain (gotta get a plastic saddle cover one of these
days). Girth loosened, saddle picked up to air out his back a few times.
Graze a bit on the way. If we are coming back through the field, I stop and
strip his saddle, and let him roll and rub, hang around a few minutes, then
throw everything back on. There's never any rush to get back, he comes home
tired, but relaxed. At the barn, it's a nice cool/cold bath, and I find that
I use way less water this way, than just riding in and hopping off. Roll
again in the nice fluffy stall, big sigh, yummy hay, and his day is done.

Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani
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Date: Monday, July 05, 1999 8:06 PM
Subject: RC: heat hints

>This looks like it would be a good time to share more heat hints. >
>Anyone else have suggestions on what has helped keep the horse and
>themselves cool on a hot ride?
>Jonni in hot So. Cal. but not much humidity, so not complaining!
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