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Re: heat hints

>lunch break, I sponge his back and girth w/ the bottled water (not 
>creek>water, unless it's pretty fast-flowing).

??  Now that's a prep if you only sponge with bottle water. >beg<  Pretty
fast flowing?  I don't understand.  Is it really warm otherwise?  All our
streams stay plenty cool, only mudholes in the sun get too hot to use.

Yesterday my 9 year old decided she wants to be the "Sponge Slingin'
Princess of the World".  I was making up some new sponges (with just the
RIGHT string) and she asked for one of her own.  Afterward, she had me
carry a 5-gal. bucket of water up beside our deck, then she sat on the
rail and threw her sponge down and practiced spongin' on the fly. :-) 
Anyway, within 15 min. we had to fill the bucket THREE times.  It was the
first time I saw a good estimate of the amount of water I'm able to put
on a horse spongin' on the fly and I was impressed.


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