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I said "Whoa" (bits etc.)

OK, I bet this subject has come up before. What is everyone's favorite bit
for a horse that is very, very strong on a ride. You know the type of horse.
"Must catch leader! Must go fast!" This horse is setting his jaw against the
bit, and leaning into it. Used to race in a Mechanical Hackamore, but that
seems not to be an option as it was before. I guess because 11 years ago, we
were not holding back, we were "racing". Now I want to go slow, and just
finish.  The horse is having flashbacks from going fast, and does not
understand to slow down and save himself. At 19 years old, his little pea
brain is fairly set. I really prefer to have something with a shorter shank,
for ease of eating and drinking, but this is not looking like an option,
unless you have some thoughts and ideas. Any secret bits out there that I
might have missed? I am a charter member of the bit of the month club!<grin>
Thanks so much,

Jonni and Drut who thinks getting back on the endurance trail is fun...TOO
much fun!

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