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Tevis Pre-ride/trail condition,maintenance

Just got back from our quick trip up to Pre-ride the Tevis trail from
Michigan Bluff to the finish. (everything we will see , or NOT see in the
dark) About 40 miles. Took 5 horse. 4 of the horses owned by the lady I work
for, and my own horse. Found the trail to be in very good condition over
this section. Better than last year, this close to the ride.  A ton less
star thistle to slap you in the knees, but is is still out there. Also, the
berry bushes have been growing, and sending an occasional thorny branch
across the trail. I am curious though. I know many riders who live in the
area ride this trail a bunch. I know in our area, I snap off the low twigs
and branches that would hit me in the head or face as I am out for training
rides. I figure it is my contribution to trail maintenance. I found many of
these small branches still at rider injury level, but small enough to easily
grab and snap off. This is on a section of trail that will be in the dark
during the ride. Wouldn't it be helpful for some of the local riders to
assist in this simple trail maintenance? No tools required in most cases!
Also, I did see the spring that is about 2 miles from the finish line is
filled up with mud and debris. An easy fix. Looked like a simple water scoop
would have cleaned it out.  This trail,  of for that matter, any trail you
ride takes maintenance. Do what you can to keep the trail in the best
condition for everybody to use. Off my soap box on that....

The horses all looked great at the end of out ride, and the next day. Even
my 19 year old gelding! So I guess that entry I sent in will have to be
used. <grin> Met a few riders from other states that are already out to
pre-ride, and get the horses used to the area. Gwen and Beau are out from
Virginia, and met another lady who I forgot her name, that is out from
Colorado. Will be a great ride, as usual. Looking forward to giving it
another try....It has been 11 years since I tried the other time.

Jonni & "Drut" in So. Calif.

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