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Re: RC: I said "Whoa" (bits etc.)

A pelham is a good bit that will give you the option of snaffle or curb
pressure just by switching your reins to the top ring for snaffle or bottom
ring for curb. You will also want somthing to keep him from leaning on the
bit. A bit with one or two joints will give less to lean on than an
unbroken mouthpiece with the single joint more severe than the double
joint. Also a mouthpiece made from copper, sweet iron, or apple flavored
plastic will soften his mouth. A slow twist snaffle could also be a
possibility.You should also work on getting him used to the idea he may not
always be in front. If you have someone to ride with you should practice
passing and being passed from long and short distances. I wrote a longer
bit piece a while ago, but I can't find it. If someone else has it maybe
they could forward it to you. It explains this stuff in more detail.

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