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Re: I said "Whoa" (bits etc.)

here's a page that gives a formula as taken from EQUUS for determining bit
severity.  might help with the quest.

probably has been across RideCamp before...


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Sent: Saturday, July 03, 1999 10:56 PM
Subject: RC: I said "Whoa" (bits etc.)

> OK, I bet this subject has come up before. What is everyone's favorite bit
> for a horse that is very, very strong on a ride. You know the type of
> "Must catch leader! Must go fast!" This horse is setting his jaw against
> bit, and leaning into it. Used to race in a Mechanical Hackamore, but that
> seems not to be an option as it was before. I guess because 11 years ago,
> were not holding back, we were "racing". Now I want to go slow, and just
> finish.  The horse is having flashbacks from going fast, and does not
> understand to slow down and save himself. At 19 years old, his little pea
> brain is fairly set. I really prefer to have something with a shorter
> for ease of eating and drinking, but this is not looking like an option,
> unless you have some thoughts and ideas. Any secret bits out there that I
> might have missed? I am a charter member of the bit of the month
> Thanks so much,
> Jonni and Drut who thinks getting back on the endurance trail is fun...TOO
> much fun!
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