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Re: RC: pawing while tied..


Your solution is unique, I think, and people who do NOT have well
trained dogs such as yours who KNEW what he was  doing(and also a mare
calm enough to realize WHY he's doing it) should proceed with extreme
caution!  I had a young horse(two year old) tied up  quietly to his own
Oak tree in his own pen while I was working nearby.  I had a very smart
"cattle dog" but NOT trained like yours.  The horse started to paw, I
yelled "NO" at him(which I always did--usually to NO avail) and the dog,
knowing what NO meant, jumped at the horse. The horse  pulled back,
hopped forward, and cracked his jaw onl the tree--badly!  He was on
antibiotics for weeks to stop bone infection.  Luckily, he didn't break
any teeth so his mouth was O>K> but he has a lump of calcium which never
went down along his jaw line.

Angie, I know YOUR dog and horse were different, but  mosty others,
DON"T try this with your dog or horse!  I could back-fire!


Rides 2 Far wrote:
> I had a great cure for pawing horses.  I had a wonderful Australian
> Shepherd dog who followed me every step I took.  I had trained her
> through CDX level in obedience, so she was NOT out of control.  Any time
> I yelled at a horse, she would dive in and just "touch" them on the heel.
>  I was breaking a mare who was a bad pawer and one day she hit me while I
> was grooming her.  I yelled at her and the dog popped her.  From then on
> I could tie that mare and walk off and the dog would sit right
> there....STARING at that front foot.  The mare would paw and the dog
> would dive in ONCE, then sit down again.  Finally, the mare jerked that
> foot up to paw but looked at the dog first, the dog stood and crouched,
> but waited for the mare to strike the ground.  The mare slowly put it
> down and stood quietly, and the dog sat back down. The dog simply added
> that to here LONG list of chores she had to take care of every day.
> >Yes , it does matter if they paw a hole in the
> >ground , I don't care even if it is a bit of a hole . C'mon now , pack
> >it>in , pack it out
> Ah yes, did I mention that at the same ride where I was breaking up
> fights between the "orphan" horses on one side, a nice guy with a new
> horse on my other side kept it tied to his trailer, INSIDE a nice metal
> corral.  The horse dug a hole so deep he looked like a pony by Sun.
> morning...then the guy drove off and left the hole there.  I filled about
> 1/2 of it in with a manure fork before I got disgusted and said, "To heck
> with everybody else's horses, I've got to beat Holiday traffic through
> Atlanta!
> Angie
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