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pawing while tied..

>>Yes , it does matter if they paw a hole in the
ground , I don't care even if it is a bit of a hole . C'mon now , pack it
in , pack it out and leave it as you found it or better . You think
landowners will want us back camping on their lands when we leave their
grounds with holes all over it ? If your horse is not trained to stand tied
without pawing then leave him home . <<

Thank you! Well said! Pawing horse not only damage the ground, but root
systems of trees etc. They also kick up a heck of a lot of dust!

I have a horse I work that paws when tied. I tried hobbles with him, and he
started rearing instead. I decided that was a worst habit than pawing, so we
are taking the slower method of tying for long periods of time to the "side
of the barn". I put down a rubber stall mat, and let him paw. I don't go
visit him, I leave him alone. When I see he is standing nice and quiet, I
leave him just a tad longer, then put him away in his corral. He is rewarded
for standing like a good boy. This will take awhile for him to learn to be
patient, but he will learn. I have had great success with others by hobble
breaking, but not this one. But pawing is NOT an option. He WILL learn to
tie like a gentleman...if it takes all summer.

Jonni in Ca.

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