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Re: RC: pawing while tied..

I had a great cure for pawing horses.  I had a wonderful Australian
Shepherd dog who followed me every step I took.  I had trained her
through CDX level in obedience, so she was NOT out of control.  Any time
I yelled at a horse, she would dive in and just "touch" them on the heel.
 I was breaking a mare who was a bad pawer and one day she hit me while I
was grooming her.  I yelled at her and the dog popped her.  From then on
I could tie that mare and walk off and the dog would sit right
there....STARING at that front foot.  The mare would paw and the dog
would dive in ONCE, then sit down again.  Finally, the mare jerked that
foot up to paw but looked at the dog first, the dog stood and crouched,
but waited for the mare to strike the ground.  The mare slowly put it
down and stood quietly, and the dog sat back down. The dog simply added
that to here LONG list of chores she had to take care of every day.

>Yes , it does matter if they paw a hole in the
>ground , I don't care even if it is a bit of a hole . C'mon now , pack 
>it>in , pack it out 

Ah yes, did I mention that at the same ride where I was breaking up
fights between the "orphan" horses on one side, a nice guy with a new
horse on my other side kept it tied to his trailer, INSIDE a nice metal
corral.  The horse dug a hole so deep he looked like a pony by Sun.
morning...then the guy drove off and left the hole there.  I filled about
1/2 of it in with a manure fork before I got disgusted and said, "To heck
with everybody else's horses, I've got to beat Holiday traffic through


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