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Re: RC: tying in the trailer

Nice post, but I differ in one way. I even have mangers in my slant load and my
horses can still get their heads down, so they get tied in them anyway--WITH a
separate rope and I, too, leave a lead rope on them.

I used to have a stock trailer and I let ONE horse lose..they always rode
backwards and I even had an accident...the horse just bumped his fanny..riding
backwards sure helped in that situation.


Jonni wrote:

> I was always told if you had a straight load trailer, and the stall is large
> enough that your horse could get his head out of the manger, and reach down
> to the floor, you should tie. If your horse were to put his head down, and
> you had to stop suddenly, you could break his neck. As far as slant loads
> etc. I personally do not always tie. I also have taken to just keeping all
> the dividers latched back out of the way, and let my one horse stay loose in
> the 4 horse slant. He does not move around very much. Some horses that move
> around loose in a trailer can make some rigs unstable. One thing I do always
> as a safety precaution is leave the lead rope attached to the horse. If I do
> tie, it is with a separate trailer tie, with a safety release snap. the lead
> is on the horse to grab him in a hurry if needed. Also, if you use the pre
> made trailer ties, make sure it is of a length that is comfortable for your
> horse. Some are so short, larger horses can not lift their heads, and feel
> over restrained. That can cause a horse to panic. Too long, and the horse
> can still get the head out of the manger,and down towards the floor. Another
> advantage to slant loads is that the horses CAN stretch their heads down
> some. I had a horse that would get respiratory irritations while hauling,
> and upon arrival would drop her head, and huge globs of goo and snot would
> roll out of her nose. Another good reason to dampen hay and bedding if used.
> (keeps dust down) Thats my $.02 worth on trailering.
> Jonni in California. Getting ready for Tevis pre-ride next week.
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