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Re: RC: chelle's questions.

The "s" hack is a "western" style hack and works best when you neck rein,
but I have seen other people direct rein with it with no problems. A good
way to introduce neck reining is to work on lateral excersises that teach
the horse to move away from pressure like shoulder in, haunches in, turn on
the forehand, turn on the haunches, leg yields. I suggest that you wrap the
nose piece with latex bandage or a fleece cover to prevent the rope from
rubbing off the hair on your horses nose. You can use half halts just like
you did with a bit. The mechanucal hack works like a curb so it applies
more poll pressure than a snaffle or side pull and chin and nose pressure.
I would not worry about rearing because "a bit/hack is only a severe as the
riders hands".If you are that concerned about the curb pressure try a
sidepull or the myler hack which has two rings, one for snaffle/sidepull
and one one the end of the shanks for curb/mechanical hack. It is the
pelham of hackamores.

At 07:16 AM 6/23/99 -0700, David Freed wrote:
>I am interested in the responses to Chelle's questions and would like to
>add one more...its my understanding that its difficult to round your
>horse with a hackamore.....comments?   and one more....I have a great
>fear of rearing horses....I'm concernd about strong curb action.......I
>realize the rider has some imput here but how do you bring the horse
>back down if your strongest force is on the curb instead of the poll?
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