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Re: RC: Unidentified subject!

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999 17:09:18 -0400, "Jean Miller" <> wrote:

>Okay gang, no matter how you put your horse up for the night, crap can
>happen!  I have had horses get hurt when tied to the trailer, no matter how
>careful I was, I have had horses get caught on the picket line, no matter
>how careful I was, I have had horses get caught in the paneled fence, this
>one I was chasing in my t-shirt and underwear, I have had horses escape from
>an electric fence and go on a 12 mile jaunt and end up in horse jail!  Cost
>me $30 to get him out!  My advice is to do whatever you are comfortable with
>and sleep with one ear open at night!  Jeanie

You are quite right that a horse can get hurt under any method of confinement.
However, there are degrees of risk -- just as a child can get hurt playing in
the backyard or playing in the street, but it's wise to not permit them to play
in the street.  

You are right in that whatever method is chosen, proper care (and attentiveness)
can minimize the risk.  In the case of trailer tying, this includes tying short,
which prevents the horse from getting his proper rest overnight.


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