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RE: Old Dominion

Title: RE: Old Dominion

OK - maybe he was a little incoherent at the finish.  Finishing a ride like that is a little like having a baby.  The memory of the pain and work is fleeting and you consider doing it again later on.  (If not, how do you account for your siblings?)

BUT - did he get the part right about you coming back to the OD to go cavalry!?!?  Truman, the sun is WAY to hot down there in Florida.  Better quick find some shade before you agree to this!


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From: Truman Prevatt []

Jerry must have changed his mind - cuz when he crossed the finish line I heard
him muttering incomprehensibly somehting about never doing that ride again.  He
must have come to his senses - or completely lost them.


Jerry and Diane Fruth wrote:

> Truman is still talking about doing it next year...solo!!  We think he has
> slipped a cog.  We'll just have to see if he shows up next year.

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