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Tying?...what about leaving?

O.K. Slight change of subject.  What do ya'll think of people who bring a
horse or two to camp, then leave and go to a hotel or whatever?  I seldom
even leave my camp unattended while at the riding meeting, even though
Kaboot has never even gotten a leg over his picket/lead line.

At the Liberty Run we had some people pull up next to us, set up a corral
with big "rodeo type" metal panels, put two horses in it and disappear
until the next morning.  Meanwhile one of the horses decided to beat the
tar out of the other one.  I broke it up a couple of times.  Their water
(One 5 gal. bucket) got turned over, and their was no evening feeding. 
It was obvious they were new to endurance and the guy's wife never even
got out of the vehicle.  Think she was probably the main reason for the
hotel, but this was rediculous.  If one of the horses had been hurt
nobody would have known where to contact them.  Nobody I talked to had
ever met them before.

The morning AFTER the ride almost everyone else had fed, packed up and
gone home and these poor unclaimed guys were standing around not fed
(with their hay bags on the ground where they could get tangled)  I had
finally had enough and got their buckets and scooped up some water from
the lake for them.  I looked at the bale of hay that was open and it was
moldy.  They had another unopened clean bale next to it.  I opened it and
threw them half of it.  

I guess these are the "endurance riders" that NATRC could help. 
Personally I would never call them endurance riders and NATRC can have
them!  I think if anybody ever does this at my ride they will have an
example made of the most embarassing way I can think up.


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