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RE: Old Dominion

Title: RE: Old Dominion


I see a lot of these in use, & I have two different styles.  One is a fanny pack that holds a 110oz bladder.  The other is a "half-sized" Camelbak (40 oz) that I bought as part of a close out sale. 

The fannypack (by Gregory) does keep my center of gravity lower and doesn't irritate my shoulders.  Unfortunately it gets in the way on steep downhills.  I'm rather short in the upper body (aka short-waisted) so it may do better on a person with a longer torso.  I'm not as fond of the bladder in these as the bladder from Camelbak, but I should be able to just switch them out.

The Camelbaks were initially made for bikers who lean forward over their handlebars.  That let the weight of the water lay on their backs.  Horse riders very seldom adopt this posture (unless calling for RALPH at the 80 mile mark).  I found that the weight of the water dug the straps into my shoulders.  DEFINITELY get padded straps.  The weight also tries to slip the straps off of my shoulders.  Get the version with a sternal strap (or use hay string like I seem to always do).

I always choked trying to drink from a water bottle at a trot or canter.  I obviously inhaled more water than I drank, so I didn't drink very often.  If we stopped, it was for the horse to drink & me to sponge.  Heck with the rider.  With the Camelbak system, I am sipping through a straw, essentially.  I can control the flow and drink at any speed.  I find that I am easily drinking 2-3 times the amount that I did with sports bottles.  No more dehydration headaches.

If you're worried about the change in your center of gravity riding "King of Spooks", just drink it all down fast!


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From: Truman Prevatt []
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 1999 9:11 AM

  I may try
riding with a camelback so I can open up more space to carry stuff.  I
have avoided those things since I am not sure adding 4 or 5 pounds ot my
upper back and raising my center of gravity while ridding the "king of
spook" is a great idea.  Any comments on these things pro and/or con
from people that have used them.

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