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Re: RC: CTR (use your delete key if you're sick of this)

In a message dated 6/21/99 12:47:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time, CMKSAGEHIL 

<<   If the rope is too long, the horse will
  get tangled in it and get hurt.  If it is too short, he can't put his head 
  or lie down. >> >>

Oh yeah, one other thing.  There is a very definite length that the rope 
needs to be in order to be safe.  It is with the snap about 1/2" from the 
ground when the rope is pulled tight from its tie position.  Also, I've found 
that a bull snap works best -- can't come unsnapped on its own.   Obviously, 
you tie with a quick release knot or snap at the trailer end..  Heidi's point 
about training a horse to deal with ropes is a really good one.  Hobbles are 
an excellent way to do that -- which reminds me, I have two horses who could 
use hobble training.  Maybe I should get out of this room and go do that!!!  


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