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Re: instructions

Sharon, thanks for the note (via Larry Suddjian)

> > Thought for sure I'd saved the directions from Foresthill to White Oak
> > Flat(via auto) from the Fun Ride but can't locate them.  Are they still
> > available on the Website?  I'm doing some pre-riding on Tuesday and need
> to
> > get my ride to White Oak Flat.  I'm riding to the River Crossing and then
> > back to get picked up.  Is Driver's Flat a better pick up point?

The driving map to White Oak Flat is at

Actually, Drivers Flat is MUCH easier to get to from Foresthill Road, being
about 1/4 mile down a wide graded road vs 2 miles down a narrow, hard-to-find

Also, you should be aware that the Foresthill Road is being widened and
straightened about a mile past the turnoff for Drivers Flat.  It will be torn up
all summer.  They have one-way traffic in two or three places, with waits of up
to 30 minutes.  Supposedly, if you go through before 8:30am on a weekday or
Saturday, there are no holdups (yes, people really DO commute from Foresthill!)

/richard, teviswebguy

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