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old cowboy etc.

>An old cowboy, Short George, once coached me... "Darlin, when you're on
>a horse, ride that horse. Don't ride the horse you read about in some
>trainin' book, don't ride the last horse you rode, don't ride your
>friends horse. Ride the horse you mounted. And remember it's you up
>there - not that fancy trainer or your know-it-all friend. It's you and
>that horse. Ride your own ride. Not somebody else's."

Hi Linda:  Loved your quote.  Since I am several days behind reading ride
camp, I had the advantage of reading all the stocking up posts at once.
Your quote tied right in with what I wanted to say.  I have ridden 5
endurance horses, one jumper, several Eng. Pleasure saddleseat horses (none
of which except one cross performed.  I have wrapped and I have not wrapped
- all depends on the horse, conditions etc. etc. etc.  One time I almost
always wrap with a special set up taught to me by a vet who is noted as an
excellent leg man, is when I am going to haul a long distance after
competition.  After all you can't see what is happening as your going down
the highway.  Thesehorses have been worked hard and their legs are *tired*.
 They can't move around to help the circulation while they are in the
trailer. However I just hauled home from WC last week-end (5 hours) and did
not wrap!  By the way, you should always wrap with a quilted bandage under
the polo wrap to prevent accidently getting the wrap to tight.  Anyway, my
point - never say never, manage your own horse to his benefit.  The only
sure things with horses is they eat, pee, poop.  After that all bets are
off.  Ride your own ride on your own horse, darlin's - love it.

West Region

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