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Re: RC: shopping spree

Brushing boots, splint boots....we get riders from so many places here
that the terminology is pretty weird.  It was a Norwegian who told me
about the Woofs. Basically they are boots that don't come down over the
fetlock except on the inside and cover the cannon bone part way up and
are used for horses that might "brush" the inside of a fetlock with a
hoof.  Here the only surface the horses work is very gravelly sand
(stuff from pea to softball size) so in addition to the occasional
brush, you get a lot of little stones being thrown up at the faster
gaits.  I always ride in wraparound Killer Loop ski sunglasses to
protect my eyes from thrown up dust and gravel.

Maryanne in Cairo wrote:
> Maryanne, What are brushing boots?  Roger Rittenhouse has a selection of
> heart monitors, and he advertises on ridecamp.  He is very accommodating.
> Good Luck.
>           Peggy In O.B., Fl.


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