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"Natural Balance" shoes

For those of you who have tried the Natural Balance shoe, has your horse
ever developed any soreness on the front quarters where the corner of the
squared off toe is?  Especially those of you who are using steel look
alikes?  How long have you been using NB shoes or steel versions?

And are your farriers placing the shoe as far back as Gene Ovnicek recommends? 

I have used the Natural Balance shoe but my horse did develop soreness on
the front quarter of one foot.  Of, course that foot is slightly toed in so
that could be the reason.  Anyway, I now live in a rocky area that chewed
up the NB shoes in short order so am back to steel.  I would like to hear
if anyone else has seen soreness on the front quarters?  Otherwise, I
really did like the way my horse moved in those shoes.

Thanks in advance.


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