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RE: Natural Balance shoes

Judy Long


We haven't used the Natural Balance shoe because we
were concerned that the aluminum would not last long
doing conditioning and endurance rides.  We have been
doing this type of shoeing (shortened, squared toes and
breakover moved back) for a couple of years now using steel
St. Croix eventers.  My vet recommended shoeing this
way and I am very, very happy with the results.  If
the aluminum doesn't work out, definitely try the same
way of shoeing using steel.

Good luck!

Judy Long
Hayward, Ca.

P.S. FYI, Nick had a great ride and finished Castle Rock
     on Warpaint (both he and the horse alive and well).
     Since he won a Tevis entry at the convention and his
     horse is laid up, I've decided to let him ride Warpaint
     on Tevis.
     We'll see what happens...

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