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strange movement

Months ago I wrote in saying that my horse had EPM and would undergo
treatment.  I had been dreaming of working toward our first
endurance race when I started treatment.  I thank everyone who
wrote me with prayers and good wishes.  Well, in a nutshell, he
tested negative the other day to EPM and his spinal fluid counts
were normal on everything else as well.  The internist said he may
never have had it--after all the money spent.  I wish I would
have gotten the test in the beginning instead of believing the
vet who was SURE my horse had EPM based on blood tests and one
day of weaving under saddle.  With all the hype out there on EPM,
people are very scared, so my advice would be to always get the
full battery of tests before jumping to treatment.
Now I am baffled because it seems to me my horse still has minor
balance problems (but not all the time), is mildly weaker in the
right hind and looks stiff in the back end when he walks.
Sometimes it's worse than others, especially when his attitude
says he wants to be lazy because he's bored or it's hot. Wondering
if anyone might have had a similar experience or some insight into
this.  Specialist doesn't think this is damage from EPM.  It is
just possible, I suppose, that he is so out of shape from being
rested for six months that he needs to gradually be worked.  We
talked about starting on some joint therapy.
I'm so worried after what we've been through that I probably "see"
too many things.  He is a 6-year-old Arab gelding--still very young.

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