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Re: RC: "Natural Balance" shoes

	We don't use "Natural Balance" shoes, but our farrier does practice 
Natural Balance shoeing.  It works for us!  In the last 2 1/2 years we done 
over 3500 miles on Katie Bar The Door & over 3000 miles on Ima Liberated Lady 
with this method.  The shoes we do use are eventer types.
	A lot of people think that great big splay footed horses are the 
best.  But a horse only gets splay footed if gone without shoes in a confined 
area.  In the wild the foot is short and round with no toe sticking out in 
front.  Bring that same horse in a corral and the foot will change to a more 
splayed and toey look.
	We have also found out, that squaring a toe makes your horse shorter 
stride'd and in the long run you can loose your long stride'd trot.   	
People don't seem to want to stick with the method because its so different 
at first.  Sometimes the foot wants to have some memory, and grow over the 
shoes the first couple of shoeings.  But if you do, the long term result is 
wonderful.  Sound and great natural moving trots!  With this method, we have 
found that no rounding or squaring is needed and that no horse here forges at 
our ranch that is shod this way.
Hope this helps with your questions.

Tammy Robinson & Levi Robinson (my son, our farrier)

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