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Re: RC: Pony Power, Little Big Horses? -- SAY WHAT?

In a message dated 5/28/99 0:15:08 AM EST, writes:

>> the question that one or more of us might be in the first ten to finish
 after our first LD -- I'm not going to use the term "Top Ten" since it
 denotes importance of your finish spot...supposedly not an issue in LD
 rides.  And the only way any one of us would end up finishing amongst the
 first few finishers would be if we rode how we normally ride and it just

That is certainly not the case in the SE region where LD rides are definitely 
a race.  We have SERIOUS LD races down here and these riders have NO 
intention of ever doing an endurance ride.  Why should they, when they can be 
done in 2 hours (or less) pay about 1/4 what the 100's pay for entries and 
get the same awards for RACING a 25 mile race as the 100's and 50's?  I am 
truly concerned about the future of our sport when new riders are encouraged 
to race 25 miles rather than putting in the time and LSD miles that it takes 
to make a successful endurance horse.

Cindy Bell
AERC #13794  1st Overall SE Region l998
Wameco   1st National 100 Mile Award l998...2,500 miles and NO LD miles, but 
plenty of CTR miles, building a LSD base.

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