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Sandy Rovane
At the Wine Country ride this weekend, which by the way was an excellent ride, beautiful country, well ran and overall an A + ride, my six year old thumped at the third vet check.  He has never done this before, but I did do a stupid thing just before the ride and changed his feed.  I found some beautiful oat hay and thought it was time for the herd to have some candy after a long winter of just plain old grassy alfalfa hay.  Any way for some reason he thumped at the check but did recover.  He finished the ride and again was thumping at the end.  The vet's helped me with electrolytes and trying to get him right but his pulse never recovered in  time and hung at 80.  We trailered him home as he was eating well, had good gut sounds and overall looked really good.  He ate his ususal dinner and was his old self in the morning. Any suggestions of what I can do.  Any one have horses that repeat this?   I will go back to his old diet, increase his calcium intake as well as change the brand and type of electrolytes I give him. I am planning on taking him to Camp Far West this weekend.  Is this smart?  Thank you Jamie and Melissa for all of your help and laughs at my electrolytes.  Still learning after all these years.   Thank you Jessica for the fun, challenging ride.  Everyone should put this on their list for next year.  Be sure to bring a conditioned horse thought.  It was not an easy ride.

Sandy Rovane
Mr. Man
Flash Rabba's Tom Tom Man.

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