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Re: RC: Thumps

Dear Sandy Rovane;
RE:  your horse having thumps this last weekend at a ride, having
changed his feed right before the ride, and thinking about doing another
ride this NEXT weekend...don't.
Thumping is thought to be due to electrolyte imbalance and you need to
get the horse all straightened out before taking him to another ride. 
He is not a motorcycle.
I am sitting here writing this, on this beautiful day, because I can't
ride.  I can't walk far, drive my car, or garden, either.  Don't know
when I'll be able to.  This is due to someone taking their horse, after
being treated at a ride for colic, on another ride several weeks later,
and another one three weeks after that.  There, it colicked badly. I was
one of the few people at the vet check when it happened, so did what I
could to assist.  Unfortunatly, while on the ground, the horse spasmed
in pain and suddenly flipped over, trapping my leg and bending it
sideways at the knee.  So, due to someone taking their horse on an
endurance ride instead of letting it fully recover from colic treatment,
I am suffering ligament damage.
So, do your horse a favor and correct the problem BEFORE you do another
ride.  BTW, generally speaking, four weeks between rides is a good rule
of thumb.
> Sandy Rovane
> Mr. Man
> Flash Rabba's Tom Tom Man.
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