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re: one eyed endurance horse

My first endurance horse became blind in one eye due to an injury. She
adjusted very well to having only one eye. I rode her at the Hoffman
Moonlighter after she lost vision in that eye. She did fine. It took her
a very little time to adjust to having vision only on one side. She
learned to trust me when she heard noises on the blind side. As long as
I remained calm, she did, too.After her injury we continued to do
endurance. She was as sure footed as always, and just as dependable. I
had to remember her blind side, to keep her from turning to close to
obstacles. The two of us adjusted very well. I would still be riding her
if she had not been killed by lightning.(I now ride her daughter.) She
was the first horse to carry my grandchildren, and unless I told
someone, most people would not have noticed she was blind, except for a
little cloudiness in that eye. You could not tell by her way of going.
If a horse is suistable in all other ways, I do not consider having one
eye a handicap for endurance.
"Been there, done that."
Lucie H. from South Carolina, in memory of SRF Tinara

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