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Rescued arabian horses for sale

Mike Sofen
I'm forwarding this on from an email I received at work.  The following horses are located in Western Washington, I have no connection to them, so please don't email me for more info; instead call the phone number at the bottom of the pasted email.

-----Original Message-----
From   :	Cutter Smith []
Posted At:	Friday, May 21, 1999 11:54 AM
Subject:	Horses Losing their Farm

Mother past away, Uncaring and unconcerned step father just wants all horses off what is now his property. Does not care what happens to the horses.

To protect horses from going to Auction and probably slaughter I took ownership. He is demanding all the horses be removed, he only allowed horses because that's what his wife wanted.

1 Two yr old Black 3/4 Arab/Pinto Filly
1 Two yr old Bay Straight Egyptian Arabian Colt
2 Two yr old Chestnut Arabian Colts
1 Three yr old Chestnut colt. Hunter/Showhack/Dressage movement. Flaxen Mane & Tail.
1 Grey Arabian Mare Broke to Training Level Dressage. Dam was trained to 4th level. This mare is very smart
2 16 yr old Arabian Mares still breeding sound. Produced National top 10s, Regional Winners.
1  9 yr old Grey Arabian mare, good mover.
1 22 yr old Mare, good producer, now pasture pet / Lawn mower.

I have spent at least $500 per horse since October. I am running out of options. Anyone who is interested or knows someone who is please email or call 425.402.6896

(Cutter Smith)

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