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Re: Drugs


No sarcasm here -- a real question.
If I had my horse sedated for dental work and then tested positive at a
ride one month
later, I'd get a warning letter. What if I then go to Randy Eiland's
Timberon and get 
scratches again. The salve for that has prohibited substances. Scratches
has to be treated.
Say she's out for 2 weeks. She wouldn't lose much conditioning.  If I
then go to Brad
Patterson's ride 6 weeks or so later and test positive for  the scratches
medication,what then? How many 
warning letters can one get? Does it matter what the detected drug was?
Say minute
traces of bute would be a sterner warning than minute traces of yucca?
How is the 
vet committee going to look at different drugs -- or all they all equally
"bad" for lack of a better word?


Which, of course, is why AERC has the policy that it does of referring 
>"positives" to the veterinary committee for a determination of whether 
>or not 
>the finding is in a therapeutic range or not.  A trace would still 
>technically be a violation but would result in a warning letter rather 
>than a 
>penalty of some sort.

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