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Longstreet and High Vet Award

>What Kati modestly failed to mention, was that her very nice horse won
>High >Vet Score! 

Oops, correction:  I made sure we gave a "High Vet" award because I
believe a horse that looks better than the others deserves some sort of
award for it.  However, in this case, our "High Vet" score was also BC
(Glenda Weeks and Furidant)  Glenda's a wonderful rider who's done a
great job with her horse and I was thrilled that she won the beautiful
handmade wooden tack trunk that was the BC award...but to give "High Vet"
to the same horse seemed redundant, so we gave, "High Vet Other Than BC"
(sometimes you've got to think on your feet up there).  Sooo,
Congratulations to Glenda Weeks who had a vet score of 450 (I believe)
and to Kati Walker who was hot on her heels with 440!   Gosh, I sure hope
everybody at the meeting understood that, surely they didn't think Glenda
won BC on weight! :-)

I'll tell ya'll the rest later, just got home at 10 PM after unmarking 10
miles of trail on a bareback Welsh pony and my brain's still bouncing.


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