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Re: RC: Longstreet and Dark Arabs

In a message dated 5/23/99 6:33:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 

<<  Not to mention the fact that one got 
 the Best Condition award and the other recieved the high point vet score 
 award. So for those of you out there that don't like the dark arabs just 
 em our way!!
 Thanks again for a wonderful ride Angie and June
 Kati Walker >>

What Kati modestly failed to mention, was that her very nice horse won High 
Vet Score!  Finished top ten, and looked great!  
  It was a really nice ride, or so I heard.  I was supposed to go to ride.  
But Sassy got a mild colic the night before.  So I went and told Angie I 
wasn't riding and why.  She was properly sympathetic, for a moment.  And held 
out a clipboard and said, "Want this now, or on top of the mountain".  Okay 
she waited two seconds.


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