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Longstreet and Dark Arabs

Just got back from Longstreet's Charge this weekend. Must say it was a great 
ride and the most challenging one I've ever ridden (even tougher than last 
year). Up and down a rocky mountain at warp speed is pretty darn tough. We 
were barely missed by the storm and only suffered from the hot weather for 
the last half of the ride.

The ride managers were great. Angie McGee once again provided hilarious 
entertainment at the ride meeting on Saturday and the awards were great.

Just thought I'd add that two of the top six horses were the darkest arabs at 
the ride. One was a black bay and the other was either a black bay or just 
the darkest brown bay I've ever seen. Not to mention the fact that one got 
the Best Condition award and the other recieved the high point vet score 
award. So for those of you out there that don't like the dark arabs just send 
em our way!!

Thanks again for a wonderful ride Angie and June
Kati Walker

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