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Wine County 50

Had a great time at the ride this week-end.  Tks Jessica and thanks to all
your volunteers for a job well done.  Now about the ride........

At my age, it's comforting to know that some things in life just don't
change.  I can still get off the trail taking a wrong turn just as smoothly
now as I did 30 years ago!!  As usual, I wasn't alone and could bore you
all with excuses and justifications but the bottom line is, pay attention
at the ride meeting, (I thought I did), make notes on your map (check, did
that as well), read map(oops!  knew I forgot something!).  Oh well, this
was on my trainning, conditioning ride list and believe my my horse got it.
 Ofcourse, Brawo (the horse) is just now speaking to me 'cause he says he
thought he was doing a 50.....not a 60 or 65 or so!  He did well though.

AND....we got drug tested!  See, they really do do IT.  It was funny, when
I came in for lunch babbeling to my husband/crew about my getting lost, I
noticed this lady in a skirt and straw hat with this weird *thing* in her
hand.  She followed us over to the water, hung around while we un-tacked
etc. all the time trying to carry on a conversation and being Brawo's
shadow.  I decided she must be in the park to collect bugs or something and
decided to stay close to us while learning about our sport.  I was whinning
and complaining about the mornings events but out of the corner of my eye I
noticed this gal continuing to shadow Brawo.  Finally I told her that I
usually was nicer than this and would take time to visit but what was she
doing? She said she would only take a minute of my time but I needed to
fill out *the* paper work and she wanted me present when the sample was
sealed.  Dah, light blub went off.  The jar in the holder with the looooong
handle was to collect a sample.  After I stopped laughing, I told her I was
happy to see her and not to worry, Brawo would pee within 20 minutes (he
did) and she was welcome to it.  So folks, the pee patrol is out there
doing their job.  Good for them and us!

This is a tough but beautiful ride.  There was still green grass on the
trail, water in the creeks.  The hills are just as challenging as I
remember and IMO this is not a ride you want to go like the wind till you
test it out, pay particular attention to the weather and best to ride
smart.  Much of the ride is on single track. Once again I don't have the
finishers but do know there were 90 + 50's and 30 or 40 25's.  My horse
handled the heat, hills etc. very well - that's what I care about - and we
finished.  Put this on your list if your in the area.  


West Region

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