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Re: Re: Pant Clips// Summer Riding pants

All I have to say is, I don't know how many others were lead on to believe
the hat covers were always coming.  If they were not practical to make or
money wise feasible, then all you had to do was tell us.
When I responded I just hit reply, I am sorry it went public, but there was
nothing to hide.  If your products are good, your business will keep going.
 I in no way put down your business.  I only asked for a little communication.

At 12:13 PM 5/23/99 -0600, Visions of the Wind wrote:
>My response to you had been private, and I feel that it was improper for you
>to respond publicly. When a company contemplates making a new product and
>offers that product for testing to a few individuals at no cost, that does
>not indicate a guarantee to produce that product if it is found to not be a
>feasible venture. That also does not give a non-customer the right to
>publicly put down the company or the companies products. As you have not
>purchased any products from us, you have no basis for criticism of our
>products. We try to keep our customers happy, and if someone is unhappy with
>a product, we will always either fix it, or replace it.
>Stephanie McCray
>Visions of the Wind
>11920 Spruce Canyon Cr.
>Golden, CO 80403
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