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Re: RC: Types of Arabs

Sherie Taylor
Just wondering how you can tell if an Arab is Polish, Egyptian, etc.?  Does 
this appear on their registration papers?  Do=
es each type have typical conformation that differs between types?

The majority of Arabs in America today are a mixture of lines.  The way to 
tell how much of each background has contributed to a given horse's genetic 
makeup is to trace each ancestor back to its source and then calculate the 
percentage it contributes to the pedigree.  Yes, there tend to be different 
types with different backgrounds, and also subtypes within those types, but 
there is enough similarity that there is a certain amount of overlap in type. 
 Different programs in different countries have selected for different traits 
over the years, and that tends to be visible in the resultant offspring.  
However, that distinction blurs when the lines are mixed, as they are in so 
many of our American horses.


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