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Linda's account of Sam brought tears to my eyes.  I tried to adopt a dog
last weekend at an adopt-a-thon at a local pet store, from a humane
society.  I forgot they don't believe in dogs being outside and was
honest (this was an English Setter mix who liked to run), so they turned
me down.  I tried the shelter and got the same response!  I know it's
easier to neglect an animal if it's outside, but shouldn't some other
factors come into play?  I'd have gladly shown them my other dog, who
could dispell any worries about neglect!  They'd rather destroy them
than take the chance...
I did get a wonderful Aussie from a private owner.  Her education is
lacking, and her verterinary care has been lax, but she's a sweetie!
Just wanted to share that.  I felt it was so unfair.  That dog wasn't
adopted and they passed up a very loving home...

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