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National Park Conservation Association Bulletin

This is the latest "Action Bulletin" from the National Park Conservation
Association.  For those who don't remember, this is the organization whose
San Francisco Bay area watchdog wrote the editorial pushing for the closure of
the stables in the north bay National Recreation Areas.

Just remember, the hikers are doing all this.  What are the horsemen doing
to "show the flag"?


> YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! Voyageurs National Park plans to announce a
> ban on the use of Personal Watercraft (PWCs)!  Last summer, the NPS
> allowed the park to prohibit jet skis until a final system-wide policy
> could be developed. We are still waiting for that policy to be released,
> so it is great news that Voyageurs has taken the initiative to prohibit
> these destructive machines.  The park stated that public responses -YOUR
> responses-- overwhelmingly supported a ban, which would protect the park's
> solitude, aquatic life, air and water quality. Take further action and
> send an email message to NPS Director Robert Stanton at
> telling him that jet skis don't belong in our
> national parks.  To find out more about NPCA's battle to regulate PWCs,
> visit
> weekend (5/29-31), millions of Americans will head outdoors to national parks
> and other destinations to enjoy the many recreational opportunities made
> possible by the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). The future
> of LWCF is being decided in congress right now!  Please take advantage of
> the holiday weekend by educating decision-makers on outdoor conservation
> and recreation!  Get your member of Congress, mayor or other elected official
> out of the office and into a park!  Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation
> (AHR) can partner with you to organize a Memorial Day Site Visit for elected
> officials. Contact Tom St. Hilaire at 202-429-2666 or
> for more information, or to be put in touch with regional representatives
> that can help in your area! 
> MARCH FOR PARKS 2000- ARE YOU READY? The millenium's last MFP -America's largest
> Earth Day event-- ended with nearly 400 events across the country. Take part in
> the first March For Parks for the next millenium!!!  March for Parks is important
> because it allows YOU to "think locally" by helping parks in your area.  Sign up
> to organize your own event or contact to find other ways to help!
> You can learn more about March for Parks 2000 by going to:

> recently testified before a key Senate panel explaining that park protection
> can't be effective if our concern for their well being stops at the park gate.
> A new bill, S.819-The National Park Preservation Act, sponsored by Sen. Bob Graham
> (D-FL), will not only provide funding, but will recognize that many of the threats
> to national parks originate outside park boundaries.  The bill would dedicate an
> annual revenue source of $500 million to help parks "that have ecosystems, critical
> habitat, cultural resources or other core park resources that are threatened or
> impaired."  Of that funding, some $350 million would be available to fund projects
> directed at threats outside the parks.  Take Action!  Call your Senators at
> 202/224-3121, or send them an email
> ( encouraging them to
> support Sen. Graham's bill!  Want to know more?
> Visit:
> ACTION TIP:  Develop adequate information to justify your position on a
> legislative proposal.  This is especially important for garnering congressional
> interest and support.  Remember to develop arguments to counter any expected
> opposition. Learn more through NPCA's Take Action web page at
> PARK-SPEAK:  "There is nothing so American as our parks.  The scenery and wildlife
> are native.  The fundamental idea behind the parks is native.  It is, in brief, that
> the country belongs to the people *Parks stand as the outward symbol of this great
> human principle." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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