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Re: RC: Re: Diamondfield Jack ride

In a message dated 5/8/99 6:33:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< The original Diamondfield Jack ride was a point to point from the Twin 
 Idaho area to Jackpot, Nevada, but for several years the ride has been based
 at Magic Mountain with loops in and out of camp.  >>

I know that Karen knows this tidbit, but for Kirsten and others, the 
Diamondfield Jack Ride is along the route that an accused murderer would have 
had to have ridden if he had, indeed, committed the murders.  The murders 
were committed in Jackpot, Nevada, 54 miles away from where Diamondfield Jack 
lived near Twin Falls.  He was known to be at home near Twin Falls at a 
particular time in the evening and was known to be there at a particular time 
the following morning, and his defense was that it was physically impossible 
to ride to Jackpot and back in the time between.  The jury agreed, and he was 
acquitted.  Endurance riders have proven time and time again that it is quite 
easy to ride to Jackpot in far less time than he would have needed.....


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